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2nd Image Mining Symposium 2010 in Obergurgl (Tyrol/Austria): October 07-10, 2010
Registration closed!  Late registration on request!
Symposium schedule is available here.
!Important: You will need an own laptop computer for some parts of the workshops!

Live-imaging approaches are indispensable in biomedical research. Efficient use of such approaches not only
requires specific technology but also knowledge of data extraction software and the practical training in using
the software. As most research institutions provide access to modern microscopy equipment, knowledge of how
to extract relevant data is one of the major success-limiting factors for using such approaches. In this course,
experts from imaging facilities, bioinformatic departments and specialized research groups will provide
professional training in basic and advanced computer-aided techniques for microscopic image processing in the
fields of cell biology and developmental research. In lectures and practical programming courses main
emphasize is laid on how to use free-ware (e.g. ImageJ) and commercial standard software solutions as well as
open source platforms to approach image analyses questions that relate to (see table): 
Expression profiling
Cell or particle tracking
Organelle identification
4D Volume rendering
Single molecule analyses
This practical course is specifically aimed to encourage PhD Students, Postdocs and PIs in the fields of cell
biology and developmental biology who either just started using live-imaging approaches or who experience
problems with data extraction from imaging files. We expect that participants will have a basic understanding of
light and fluorescence microscopy and training in introductory statistics and introductory calculus. We do not
expect that participants have had formal training in informatics.
It will take place at Obergurgl referred to as "Diamond of the Alps", one of the most breath taking meeting locations in Europe, the Congress Centre Obergurgl (altitude: 2000m) operated by the

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