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Post Congress Tour


Shuttle Transfer
October 7th:

For your convenience we will organize a shuttle transfer by bus from Innsbruck trainstation (around 2 pm on Thursday the 7th of Oct.) and the airport (around 2.15 pm same day). The transfer will take about 2 hours. After arrival you will have enough time to check in your rooms. In the evening there will be an introductory talk followed by the evening dinner and the POSTER Session.

You will recognize the bus by the company name " Busunternehmen TAXI Tipotsch "

Oct. 10th:
Our symposium will finish on Sunday at 11am (check-out), which is the time for the first shuttle back to Innsbruck. The post congress tour will start at 11.30 and the second transfer back to Innsbruck will be about 4pm.
How to recognize the shuttle bus: Leave the main entrance and turn left to the taxi area at the train station. At the airport the bus should be located on the right side, when leaving the airport. It is a blue bus with a sign “Universitätszentrum Obergurgl” in the window.
If you are planning to travel individually, you may take a train to "Ötztal Bahnhof". From there take the "Ötztaler Bus" to Obergurgl. The last bus is the Nightliner at 21.06 from Ötztal Bahnhof.